I am a simple person!

I woke up this morning to a Facebook page filled with news of the general election and what the results mean for the country – it’s all great stuff and obviously very important but what made me smile and nod my head the most was a tongue in cheek piece about being a low maintenance girl.

Pony tail 1Now I wouldn’t necessarily class myself as low maintenance….until I read this and realised that I am definitely in this category. Number 5 on the list was ‘every day is no make up Monday’ – that’s me, because although I do have make up tucked away in the cupboard it only comes out on special occasions.

But the ones that really had me nodding were:

9. You either shake out your hair (on a good day)

10 Or you wear it in a ponytail (on a bad hair day)

11. Or you wear it in a bun (on a really bad hair day)

For those of you that don’t know me I have very straight hair which is fairly long and thusmessy bunrequires little maintenance which is why I can definitely identify with the statements above. It’s not that I’m lazy – in fact far from it – I just don’t spend a lot of time on my hair.

Some of you may now be a little bit horrified at my seeming lack of a hair car routine – and more to the point why am I writing this in a blog about our favourite hair salon Verso? Hold that thought.

The truth is that despite being able to tick most of the boxes which describe me as a low maintenance girl, there is perhaps a little lie in this because the only treason I have low maintenance hair is because I visit those nice people at Verso every month. If my hair wasn’t in such good condition and cut so well then I would certainly be wearing it in a bun more often (possibly every day). But I can shake my head with pride knowing that

generally speaking the results will get me thorough the day without people pointing and tutting!

Girl With Long Hair

So the moral of the story is that everyone can be low maintenance – you just need to seek help from the professionals to achieve this. For me I never underestimate the power of a good haircut and that’s why I have Verso on speed dial! So if you are thinking that perhaps it’s not so important to get a regular trim then think again (because people will start to point and tut – only joking). Oh and if anyone can provide instruction in the art of make up for a low maintenance girl then send them my way!