Easter eggs

Share and like or the Easter bunny won’t come!

I am one of those people that has two computer screens and a friend once jokingly asked: “Is that one for Twitter and one for Facebook?” Obviously that isn’t true (she protests loudly!) but it did get me thinking about how much time people spend on social networking sites and what they do with them.

Now I am what is now classed as ‘old’ so I do remember Friends Reunited and the frantic way we all logged on just so that we could be nosy and see what our old school chums were up to.

Things have moved on a bit since then – we are still nosy (obviously) but we want a bit more from life than to marvel at how well other people are doing.

Mostly we want to share our experiences – have you noticed how every time you buy something someone asks you to rate your experience. This is great but sometimes companies take it a bit too far – I mean how many things can you say when you buy some deodorant from Boots online – ummm it smells nice!!!

But for some companies it matters more than others – like us for example. We love the way that you comment about us because it does brighten up our day to know that you love the way your new hair looks.

So a big old thank you goes to Jenny Maine who commented: “Lovely salon, great atmosphere, great stylists and great experience. Highly recommended”. Another big shout out to Catiadavid Cowling for commenting: “Extremely professional and very friendly! :)” you have both earned yourselves a free treatment next time you visit us.

So that’s got your attention hasn’t it – free stuff, yes genuinely free stuff just for saying how much you like us. I’m afraid we can’t do that for everyone but every now and then we’re going to be giving things away – it might be a free cut and blowdry or something equally exciting but you have to comment to win.

So please comment – you know the drill – because we want to hear from you. And more importantly don’t forget to share and like ‘Verso Hair Salon and Academy’ – I am reliably informed that if we don’t get to 900 likes on our Facebook page by Easter then none of the Verso team will get any Easter eggs – and you don’t want that to happen do you!!!!!

Easter eggs