If you’re ‘appy and you know it

Well hello Verso friends, it’s good to be back and our sincere apologies for the break in our regular blog. But we are now back and we are here to stay and what’s more we have some very exciting news for you.

We have an app! Yes you read it right, we really do have a Verso app and it’s really quite fantastic (if we do say so ourselves). But what does it do I hear you ask?


Well unfortunately it won’t automatically buy you chocolate –we are very sorry for that small oversight but if there is anyone out there who can develop an app that automatically buys chocolate when you need it most then do get in touch. But it does give you access to some amazing offers and our lovely new loyalty scheme.


How many times have you been in a shop and they have asked for your loyalty card only for you to remember that you left it in your other bag? It’s an all too familiar story for me and the only sensible answer is to just have one bag – but that’s not really going to happen is it! Apart from anything else I would need a bag the size of a small house just to fit ‘everything’ in! But I do always have my phone on me and that’s why the Verso app is so great – because it’s on my phone so it’s always there.

So here I am in the salon, I whip out my phone and before you know it I’m well on my way to getting my reward. In fact you only need to visit Verso six times, scan via the app when you pay and you get 10% off any service.

For all you long serving Verso fans you may remember the customer referral scheme which offered rewards when you referred a friend. Well that’s even easier now it’s on the app as you get a unique code which you can share with friends and then all you have to do is look forward to 10% off in the future – no cards, no paperwork, you just need your phone.


The app has also got all of our opening hours, contact details, price lists and some great pictures of some of our recent work, in fact it’s like having a member of the Verso team in the palm of your hand – except that would be a bit weird!

So don’t delay, get your app today (that even rhymes so it must be good!), just go to your app store and type in Verso Hair – you’ll see our beautiful logo so you know it’s the right one. It’s all ‘appening at Verso (sorry, I couldn’t resist).