Share the love

It’s all fairly simple in our line of work – we cut hair.


Well ok it isn’t that simple because what we really do is make you look amazing and make share the lovesure that every person that leaves the salon is nothing short of delighted. In fact over the last few months we have been very busy making sure that each and every one of our clients feels a million dollars when they leave the salon and we think that’s quite an achievement.

One thing which we do have at Verso is a great team and therefore it doesn’t matter who you book an appointment with you can be certain that you will get the same great level of care and attention which we think everyone deserves.

Have I gone a bit over the top there! No of course not – you are all special and you all deserve special treatment – in fact if you ask Pasky nicely he might even sing for you next time you are in the salon! Anyway you get the picture and we promise not to make him sing for you – so what’s with all of the compliments all of a sudden. Well not that we don’t love you anyway but we would like a small favour………


Sorry – we didn’t mean to shout but it’s really important because we want to be Salon of the Year 2014.

Peterborough Telegraph is asking you to nominate you favourite salon – someone that’s a bit of a cut above the rest – all pun intended! And basically we want you to vote for us. So what do you have to do?

You can nominate us by text or mail or you can pick up a copy of the Peterborough Telegraph and fill in the coupon.


To nominate by text simply text the following to 65550:


Follow this with your name, your address (including postcode) and your email address (if you have one).

Text messages cost 50p plus your standard network charge and should contain no more than 160 characters.


To nominate by email simply send the following message to


Please include your own name, address, and phone number. You must write “Peterborough Telegraph Salon Nomination 2014” in your email’s subject-line.

Vote for us

The salons with the most nominations will be added to a final shortlist and readers will be invited to vote for a winner. So it’s all down to you – if you think we are as amazing as you say we are then get voting now. Nominations need to be submitted before 9am on Monday 26 May.


And don’t forget to mention that you voted for us next time you are in the salon – we might even crack open the chocolate biscuits!